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Composer Interview – Paul Englishby

You have written music for a wide range of media including TV, Film, Theatre and Dance – do you have a favourite or do they all appeal to you in different ways? I’m very lucky to have worked in a variety of musical fields. I work in film and television,

Composer Interview – Jeff Rona

You have a diverse history in the music industry, starting with Roland in the early 80’s, working with Zimmer in the 90’s and running Liquid Cinema + Silk Screen Music nowadays amongst other things. What was your most enjoyable experience to date and why? For me, it’s the simplest act

Composer Interview – Dirk Ehlert

This week I caught up with Dirk Ehlert – a German composer writing music for a diverse range of media including film, games and everything in between. Tell us a bit about yourself – when did you originally get into music? I have been making music in one way or

Composer Interview – Adam DiTroia

How and when did you get into composition? Well, like so many other composers, I was inspired at an early age by John Williams. I think it was a subconscious thing since I was very young when I first saw/heard Star Wars. Once I hit my early teens, I knew

Composer Interview – Michael Shumway

Do you have any formal musical training? Yes. I studied Jazz Bass Performance in college. I’ve also received private music instruction for most my life on a variety of instruments, mainly the piano (you can thank my mom for that, lol). Do you think this influences your compositions in any

Composer Interview – Deane Ogden

Do you have any formal musical training? I began studying music formally when I was still in grade school – when I was about seven years old. I studied percussion privately with two amazing instructors, Ron Leach and Randall Larson, and learned to read and write music at that time.

Composer Interview – Dmitry Lifshitz (aka Soundroll)

What would you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses? Weakness – communicating with people (generally, and in English specially) Strength – I can work fast with good results. Who would you consider to be your musical influences? Punk, rock, 80’s pop and dark, metal, electro and drum and bass

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