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Sequencer Templates – Friend or Foe?

Composing music for Film and TV can be a great job – but sometimes you can be up against a deadline – another composer has just dropped out of a project and the director needs a full score for his feature length film in two week’s time! Cases like this

Music Software Review: Realivox Blue

Last month I had the pleasure of reviewing some excellent products from Realitone. They produced some great acoustic, banjo and whistling products that really aided my workflow and made life quite easy! Today I’m taking a look at the company’s new flagship product, Realivox Blue. Realivox Blue is a vocal based sample library providing

Music Software Review: Acoustic Lite by Realitone

This week I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some great pieces of software from Realitone ( A great sample library company that specialize in Vocal based products. Realivox – The Ladies, and Realivox – Blue (out very soon), are two amazing vocal based products, but in this review I’m focusing

Music Software Review: Steinberg "Dark Planet"

As you probably know, I LOVE horror music. I have a great collection of VST’s, sample libraries and sound effects all related to Horror, Thriller, and scary genres. So when the opportunity came along to review Steinberg’s ‘Dark Planet’ I grabbed it with both hands! “Dark Planet is loaded with

Music Software Review: Cubase 7.5 Update

I have been using Cubase for quite some time now, all the way back to the old Cubase 2.0! The software has certainly seen plenty of changes, including the big crossover to SX back in 2002. Today I’m going to be looking at the latest upgrade you can make which

Soundiron "Sick" Library Review

Soundiron are a breath of fresh air in the sample library world.  They create interesting, unique and unusual instruments for composers who want that something ‘extra’. Their product range is very impressive and original, and they have some big composers that use their products. I was drawn to Soundiron’s ‘Sick’

Software Review: Camel Phat + Camel Space

Camel Audio is a UK based company producing a range of synths, effects and sample libraries. Their flagship Alchemy sampler has won many accolades, and they can boast a huge user pool of professional musicians all around the world. Today I’m looking at a couple of their VST effects products called

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