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Film and Game Composers is the hub of information on the film, tv and video game scoring industry. It aims to provide composers interested in these areas with interviews with popular composers, music software reviews on the most popular sample libraries, plugins and VSTs in the industry, and a wide range of articles and tutorials on the many aspects of film/tv/game scoring.

Thanks for following us all of these years and please get in touch if you have any ideas, thoughts, questions or general musings!

Below are the composers and musicians who write for Film and Game Composers:

Jonas Frederik

Franto Kormanak

Walid Feghali

Oliver Amberg

Michael Mass

Alan Killian

Russell Bell

Bobby Cole

Emmett Cooke

Matt Bowdler

Thomas Mavian

Meena Shamaly

Film and Game Composers

www.FilmandGameComposers.com offers a wide range of interviews, reviews, guides and tutorials for composers and musicians who are interested in writing music for film, TV and video games.

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If Sam Lake looks a bit familiar, he's both the man who created Max Payne and modelled him in the first game :) https://t.co/N163ci9apU
If you're looking for somewhere to start, check out this course from @EvenantOnline: https://t.co/U44ecBVOXK