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Music Software Review: frei:raum by sonible

The first time I found out about frei:raum, I thought, ‘ah well, another EQ? One of a thousand others?’ I hadn’t heard about frei:raum, nor did I know the company sonible.  No wonder – in an audio software market with daily new innovative concepts, releases for equalisers, and other audio effects, a

Composer Interview: Elliott Wheeler

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from and what do you do? I’m a film composer and producer from Sydney, Australia. I studied classical composition and jazz at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and have been working in film, TV and theatre for most of my

Composer Interview: Dino Meneghin

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where do you come from and what do you do? I originally come from Walnut Creek, California. I am a composer for TV and Film, and every so often, I still get to play guitar. You’ve performed as a guitar player for a number

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