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9 Ways to Avoid Music Licensing Scams

There are a number of “pay to play” websites online which allow you to pitch your music to libraries or opportunities requiring music in return for a fee.  I personally avoid these: at best they are slightly dodgy, and at worst, massive scams.  Some websites will even post a fake

A Definition of Music Licensing Terms

The following music licensing term defnitions are from my eBook “The Business of Music Licensing – Generating Revenue Through Your Music” which is available at   Exclusivity– In music licensing, you can choose to have one company represent your music exclusively, or have numerous companies represent your music non-exclusively. Both

The Business of Music Licensing – New Ebook

Hi FGC readers! While running Film and Game Composers over the past number of years, I have had literally hundreds of emails from composers around the world asking me questions like “How do I get started with licensing my music?“ “How can I make a full time living with my

Earning a living with Film & TV placements

TAXI often do some pretty good videos or articles on music licensing. This one is from a few years back, but still interesting – its mostly about licensing music with TAXI, but a lot of it is applicable to the entire music library business itself. If you’re interested in music licensing

Common Music Library Questions

On Monday the 18th June, we had a Creative Hangout session with Deane Ogden, Dirk Ehlert, Russell Bell andFrank Herrlinger (Proud Music Library) via Spreecast. It was an awesome discussion and some great questions were brought up throughout the 2 + 1/2 hour talk. I’ve laid out the questions below with my own personal answers to these

Useful online services for composers and musicians

For more useful information like this, be sure to checkout my Resources page, which also includes a whole heap more useful information such as books, websites and more. Soundcloud – Loads of people use Soundcloud nowadays to host their music and also to send people their music. Its turning into

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