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How much should I charge to compose music?

One of the most asked questions by composers is “How Much Should I Charge to Write Music“? No matter the type of media – whether its an amateur film,  a wedding video, an online game – its a tough question.  What if you ask for too much and they laugh

Composer Interview – Rob Oxenbridge

Tell us a bit about how you got into composition? I’d played guitar for about 17-18 years and always had a dream to create my own music but didn’t pursue it for a number of reasons, the main one being that I never considered it could ever be much more

Composer Interview – Rotem Moav

Do you have any formal musical training? I studied composition with a privet instructor in Israel. I also learned jazz guitar at high school and I graduated from the musician’s Institute in Hollywood with an associate degree in performance. Do you think this influences your compositions in any way (positively

Composer Interview – Heather Fenoughty

Do you have any formal musical training? I originally taught myself to read music on the recorder out of a book from the library! Since then my musical training has been pretty formal. I learned a few more instruments at school before finally settling on private violin lessons. I attended

Composer Interview – Noah Potter

Do you have any formal musical training? Yes, I have a degree in music composition from the University of Chicago, where I studied with Easley Blackwood and John Eaton. I’ve also studied classical piano since age 5. Do you think this influences your compositions in any way (positively or negatively?)

Composing while having a full time job

Recently I’ve been having a really hard time trying to find time to compose, run this site, and work a full time job 40hrs a week. At the moment, I’m working on about 3 projects for people – a soundtrack for an oriental animation, a soundtrack for a 10 minute

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