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Music Software Review: CinemorphX by Sample Logic

What is CinemorphX? Sample Logic’s CinemorphX is a massive collection (over 30GB of sound content!) of reworked, remorphed, and recreated samples from Sample Logic‘s legacy products A.I.R., The Elements, and Synergy totalling over 6,000 never-heard-before sound presets. It consists of 4 soundcore engines, each holding up to 2 soundsources so that

Music Software Review: HumDrum by ModWheel

New Zealand based virtual instrument developers ModWheel have created HUMDRUM: a beautifully recorded, authentic Calfskin drum set, including bass drums, snares & toms (large, medium, & small), rim shots, and thrums patches. Features Set of Calfskin Drums including Bass Drums, Snares & Toms (large, medium, small) Deeply sampled, up to 9 round robins

Music Software Review: Mural Vol 3 by Spitfire Audio

Mural Vol 03 is the latest installment of the British Modular Library (BML) Symphonic Strings by Spitfire Audio. The focus of Mural V0l 01 was on basic articulations, while Mural Vol 02 provided more longs, shorts, and legatos. We shall have a closer look at the new content found in Mural Vol 03. Features Overview

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