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Kaotica Eyeball Review

Every now and again, I get the chance to review a new synth or sample library. This month however, I got the chance to try out something really unusual – the Kaotica Eyeball by Kaotica. According to their website: “The Eyeball channels sound directly into your microphone. This means that

Soundiron "Sick" Library Review

Soundiron are a breath of fresh air in the sample library world.  They create interesting, unique and unusual instruments for composers who want that something ‘extra’. Their product range is very impressive and original, and they have some big composers that use their products. I was drawn to Soundiron’s ‘Sick’

Adam A7x Monitors Review

As part of my latest round of studio upgrades, I decided it was time to upgrade my KRK RP5 monitors to something a little more high end. With a budget of around €1,000, I went in search of what options were available in that price range, and which ones represented

Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano Review

I’ve come to be wary of new libraries with either the name “cinematic” or “epic” in the title. Not that I dislike the words per-se but some developers are simply squashing every little ounce out of the name. Why? I guess it sells. So I approached Curio Cinematic Toy Piano

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