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Composer Interview: Robin Foster

Hi Robin, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us a little bit about yourself – where do you come from, and what do you do? I come from the north of England but have lived and worked as a musician/composer in northwest France for over 10

Antisamples Cinematic Grand Review

Before undertaking this review, I double-checked how many piano sample libraries I already owned. Thirteen. Of varying quality. I worked out that I probably used only six of them regularly. Which still means that there is clearly a need for a wide variety of pianos in the composer’s palette. Therefore,

Voices of Prague Review

This month I got a chance to catch up with the guys over at Virharmonic to have a chat about their flagship product “Voices of Prague“. Voices of Prague is a word building choral sample library recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Choir for the UVI workstation (rather than Kontakt as

Impact Soundworks Juggernaut Review

Impact Soundworks have stepped in a new direction with their latest library called Juggernaut. Most of their previous sample libraries have been “acoustic instrument” based, but this is the first electronic/hybrid library they’ve created (apart from their Cinematic Synthetic Drums freebie). From their website, Juggernaut is “a massive electronic sound design

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