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Music Software Review: Embertone Catalogue [VIDEO]

As we’ve pointed out before, Embertone have quickly carved out a name for themselves in the sample market with their low-cost high quality sample libraries. Many users have praised and embraced their design philosophies, whether they are designing quirky little virtual instruments or taking on orchestral ones, with a particular knack for

Music Software Review: Sample Logic Gamelan

Traditional Balinese Gamelan – Morphed & Mutated for a New World Sample Logic are a well known player in the virtual instrument industry, providing cutting edge compositional products which successfully marry the world of organic recording with the exciting and limitless possibilities of digital processing. Based out of North Carolina,

Music Software Review: Spitfire BML Bones Phalanx

SHORT OVERVIEW Spitfire Audio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end instrument sample libraries for modern composition and production. Based out of Air Lyndhurst Studios in London, UK, directors Christian Henson and Paul Thomson spearhead the development of arguably the most comprehensive and deep sampled array of libraries

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