Composer Interview: Tree Adams (The 100, Legends, Californication) [VIDEO]

Before he started composing for film and TV, Tree Adams was already a rock star, belting out vocals and wailing on guitars with a rock band as he performed, toured, and made records for ten years. You would have heard his magnificent guitar sensibilities all over the TV series Californication, and heard his music floating and soaring across shows like Perception, Sirens, and Franklin & Bash, as well as films like Keith and Common Outlaws. His most recent work can be heard on Season 2 of Legends (starring Sean Bean) and the third season of The 100 on the CW. In his own words from his bio:

“I write music for a living.  Typically, a composition forms in my head before I even pick up an instrument and often, the center piece of an idea will evolve by experimenting with a sound or a piece of gear in my studio in the initial stages of the process.  Although my primary skills as a performer are as a singer and a guitarist, I employ a much more expansive palette for my adventures in film, games and television.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the road as a touring musician and still play live.  I draw a great deal from that experience and from the context of ensemble recording.  While I enjoy the mad scientist/alchemist side of being in the studio and manipulating soundscapes by myself, I am also a big believer in collaborating with other musicians and the magic that comes from that dialog: air being pushed in a room through a particular tube mic pre, the distinct and unique character of a performance etc.  It has been a wonderful adventure so far and I still get excited as I embark on each new gig.

The musical style of my recent projects run the gamut: a haunting battle score for Jason Rothenberg’s THE 100 (CW.) The score is rife with middle eastern colors and epic orchestral themes. Ken Biller’s international espionage thriller, LEGENDS (TNT) features a more minimalist approach combining solo cello and electronic soundscapes. For the John Hertzfeld’s redemption film “REACH ME” (MIllenium Films), a traditional orchestral score.  A gritty rock score for “CALIFORNICATION” (Showtime), an urgent cerebral score for the crime drama, “PERCEPTION” (TNT) a high energy electronica score for action/thriller “RUN” (Millenium Films.) A dusty western score for “SWELTER” and hip hop for Denis Leary and Bob Fisher’s comedy “SIRENS” (USA).”

We had a chance to speak with Tree about his work on The 100 and Legends, as well as his transition from the world of records to the world of scoring while still maintaining his band roots. Check out our interview below!

Interview with Tree Adams:

You can find out more about Tree on his official website, follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and hear his music on Soundcloud

Many thanks to Tree Adams, as well as Sabrina Hutchinson at Defiant PR for helping make this interview happen.

Written by: Meena Shamaly

Meena Shamaly is a composer, artist, multi-instrumentalist and performance poet based in Melbourne, Australia. His music covers a wide range of styles and sensibilities and often intersects with his poetry. He is part of international production house EON Sounds, working on various film, TV, video game, and production library projects.

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