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Template Walkthrough – SkyPassage

This is a great video by “Blakus” (aka Blake “Blakus” Robinson) in which he gives a really in-depth look at how he created the template for his track “Sky Passage“. The string library he used for the track was Berlin Strings by Orchestral Tools. Its an incredible video, and well worth spending

Real Time Animation Scoring Demonstration

Composer Guy Michelmore gives us a run through of his workflow when writing for animation. In this video, he dives right in and starts writing to video straight away – this is a really interesting video documenting a high end composer’s workflow and thought process. Well worth watching! If you

Mastering Your Music – The Basics

Alex Pfeffer does a series of videos called “Let’s Play Audio” which have some great information in them. This one is “mastering basics” which outlines the basics of mastering your tracks to get them sounding good before you send them off to clients or upload them to music libraries. Some

Earning a living with Film & TV placements

TAXI often do some pretty good videos or articles on music licensing. This one is from a few years back, but still interesting – its mostly about licensing music with TAXI, but a lot of it is applicable to the entire music library business itself. If you’re interested in music licensing

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