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Controlling your DAW with an iPad

So, it’s here. Well it’s been here for a while and will definitely stay for some time to come. What you ask? The iPad of course. Now, the debates of whether it is a transportable webpage, a reading tablet, a computer or something completely different have calmed down a bit

How to Build a Composer Website

This month I thought it would be useful to write an article on how to build a website for yourself if you are a composer. Whether you want to sell your music online, or simply create an online presence for yourself, you need to have a website. However, this is similar to

8 Tips for Realistic Midi Sequencing

A great video on how to get more realistic sounds when using sample libraries in your tracks. The 8 tips discussed in the video are: 1. Beef up your mix 2. Use reverb 3. Use filler instruments 4. Use flare articulations 5.  Find the good registers 6.  Automation, Velocities etc.

Common Music Library Questions

On Monday the 18th June, we had a Creative Hangout session with Deane Ogden, Dirk Ehlert, Russell Bell andFrank Herrlinger (Proud Music Library) via Spreecast. It was an awesome discussion and some great questions were brought up throughout the 2 + 1/2 hour talk. I’ve laid out the questions below with my own personal answers to these

Useful online services for composers and musicians

For more useful information like this, be sure to checkout my Resources page, which also includes a whole heap more useful information such as books, websites and more. Soundcloud – Loads of people use Soundcloud nowadays to host their music and also to send people their music. Its turning into

Building an Audio Production PC

Having recently purchased a new custom made PC, I thought it might be useful to put together an article on what to look for when building or purchasing a new PC for audio production.  If you want to see the specifications I choose when I bought my PC, just skip

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