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Rhythmic Robot Jennings Review

This month, our new software reviewer Bobby Cole, got a chance to try out the latest VST from Rhythmic Robot called “Jennings“. From their website: Jennings is a meticulously faithful recreation of one of the very first synthesisers, the valve-based Jennings Univox. The Univox was designed in 1946 by Derek

Cinematic Strings 2.0 Review

Over the past number of weeks, I’ve been using a couple of different string libraries in my compositions – Hollywood Strings, LASS lite, Symphobia 1 & 2 string sections as well as some of the strings in Symphonic Sphere (for trills). Generally the toughest part of using these string libraries

Orchestral Tools Symphonic Sphere Review

This month, I finally got a chance to sit down and play with Symphonic Sphere by Orchestral Tools – a sample library developer know for Orchestral String Runs 2, and the soon to be released Berlin Woodwinds. As described on their website, Symphonic Sphere is “an orchestral sample library, focused

Top 20 iPad Synths

Below is a roundup of the top 20 iPad synths currently available in the iTunes market for the iPad. In no particular order, here we go: Korg iElectribe Its the best dance beat making software currently on the Apple marketplace. At $19.99, its well worth it – intuitive, easy to

Music Software Review: Loopscape by Rhythmic Robot

This month I got the chance to check out a pretty crazy VST instrument called “Loopscape” by Rhythmic Robot – an “Analogue polysynth using variable-length tape loops as oscillators…Inspired by the experimental soundscapes produced by 70s pioneers like Brian Eno”.  I’ve never heard of Rhythmic Robot before, so was delighted

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