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Music Software Review: Aleatoric Modular Series Brass by Strezov Sampling [VIDEO]

In the last couple of years, Strezov Sampling have taken to tackling the world of aleatoric orchestral brass effects, in collaboration with US composer Casey Edwards (who also designed their modern sound design library Oracle, which we previously reviewed here). Over the course of three sample libraries, a well realised custom control engine, and a number of

Music Software Review: Fischer Viola by Embertone

The Fischer Viola is the latest addition to Embertone‘s Intimate Strings collection (but not the last, as a contrabass is in the works), and delivers an absolutely beautiful sound, featuring true legato. Embertone continue honouring their musicians by the use of their name on the instrument recorded, as they did with

Music Software Review: Berlin Woodwinds EXP D – SFX by Orchestral Tools

German based sample library developer Orchestral Tools (OT) provides comprehensive orchestral compositional tools for professional composers and arrangers. Like nearly all things German, OT delivers sample libraries in ergonomic formats, with processor efficient loads and pristine quality sample recording. One of Orchestral Tools’ most successful lines is the Berlin Series, a

Music Software Review: Octamorph – Forge Edition by Epic SoundLab [VIDEO]

Octamorph – Forge Edition is the brainchild of sound designer Luca Capozzi, founder of EpicSoundLab and Audiority. It is a sound design instrument based on  a concept of morphing between 8 soundsources, with many more additional controls to shape the sonic results to your will. Below is a product description from the Epic SoundLab’s website: “Octamorph is

Music Software Review: Chang Erhu by Embertone [VIDEO]

Embertone have garnered quite the reputation for their low-cost, high-quality offerings since arriving onto the sampling scene a few years ago. Their libraries have been especially praised for their smooth legato, expressiveness, and the variety of control options offered to the end-user without complication. These qualities and design philosophies have carried

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