Top 20 iPad Synths

Below is a roundup of the top 20 iPad synths currently available in the iTunes market for the iPad. In no particular order, here we go:

Korg iElectribe

Its the best dance beat making software currently on the Apple marketplace. At $19.99, its well worth it – intuitive, easy to use and lots of fun to play with. Oh, and Korg keep releasing updates for it, which is cool!

Mini Synth pro

As its name suggests, its a small analogue synth that comes with some fun presets and an easy to use interface. The Animoog and Addictive Synth however, provide more functionality and better bang for buck.


At $29.99, its not cheap, but its really worth it. A whole lot of fun to play around with even if you know nothing about music. Limited to 4 voices polyphony, but you can forgive them for the sounds you can get – which are almost limitless!

Korg iMS 20

Another great synth from Korg – modeled on the original MS-20 synth, the iMS 20 gives serious bang for buck. Comes with 6 part drum machine and 7 channel mixer!

OM Guitar

One of the best guitar guitar modeling apps out there, but very hard to use. Not incredibly user friendly – even if you play guitar, you’ll have difficulty with this one.

Grain science

Granular synthesiser that allows you to use the built in wave forms/import your own and add them to the grain engine to create some really cool sounds. Very easy to get to grips with and a lot of fun to play with.

Alchemy Synth Mobile

Free app, with the option to upgrade to Pro for $14.99 for bucket loads more features. The free version is very generous in its offerings, but the Pro version is where its at – import wav/midi files, more sounds, remote control from your desktop and more. Also has some other cool upgrades like cinematic and dubstep sounds etc.

Sunrizer Synth

This baby is a steal at $3.99 – some phenomenal sounds from an iPad synth that really pushes the boat out. 7 voice polyphony, 2000 presets, some awesome filters and modulators – this is a gem.

76 Synthesizer

Inspired by old 70’s synths, this retro app comes with some great effects and provides a lot of playabilty. One of the top ten selling iPad music apps out there – should give you an idea how good it is.

Have you found any other great Synths out there? Let me know in the comments!

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