Spitfire Albion – Review

This product review comes from Daniel James of HybridTwo. Daniel takes a look at the new released Albion library from Spitfire Audio.

Written by: admin

Emmett Cooke is an Irish composer for film, tv and video games. His music has been used around the world by high profile companies including Sony Playstation, Ralph Lauren, ABC, CBS, NBC, Lockheed Martin and many more.

  • Dan

    After searching for some reviews on Spitfire Audios Albion I came across this site. What a find, great site and what a great review. In fact you gave an epic overview of how it sounds and works, so much so that you sold it to me! In fact within the first 10 minutes of seeing this video I headed off to Spitfire and bought it. It really is a lovely addition to have in your arsenal, and well worth the money.

    ***Tip for any UK buyers, you’ll be charged VAT and so the price comes out at around £410. So, before entering your paypal user & password, choose the country as USA with an American zip code. You’ll then get it for the stated price of £350 and won’t get charged the extra £69 tax! They don’t use your address in the paypal reciept so it should be absolutely fine. :) ***

    • admin

      Thanks Dan, glad you enjoyed it and bought it. Let us know what you think of it when you get it :)

    • Cel Ador

      This tip works, but it is defraudation of tax, isn’t it?

  • http://soundcloud.com/kyoshi Kyoshi

    I bought the Albion (my first Cinematic/Orchestral Library) .. I wish i see your discription about the VAT befor, but it might be a good tip for the future ..thanx!

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