The Business of Music Licensing – New Ebook

Hi FGC readers! While running Film and Game Composers over the past number of years, I have had literally hundreds of emails from composers around the world asking me questions like

  • How do I get started with licensing my music?
  • How can I make a full time living with my music?
  • What are the best music libraries to work with?”
  • How can I make more money from music licensing?”

I’ve been a full time composer for a number of years now, focusing mainly on the music licensing industry, rather than film/tv/game scoring (although I do that too). In that time, I’ve written music which has been used by a wide range of companies and TV channels including Ralph Lauren, Sony Playstation, Lockheed Martin, Simon & Schuster, UFC, ESPN, The Cartoon Network, The History Channel, The Science Channel and many more.

Throughout this time, I feel I have accumulated a lot of information on the music licensing industry – from what it looks like overall and how it works, to avoiding scams (pay to play!) and what deals are out there. I’m just finishing up writing an eBook that covers the basics of the music licensing industry which is called “The Business of Music Licensing – Generating Revenue Through Your Music“.

How to license my music


The eBook covers a number of topics including:

  • An explanation of all the terms you’ll encounter in music licensing
  • A massive list of music libraries
  • What are PROs/PRS’
  • Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive
  • Cue Sheets
  • 3 Year Plan
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Increasing licensing income
  • Meta tagging
  • Types of music licensing deals
  • Much more!

The ebook will be ready to launch in approximately 2-3 weeks time (its with a graphic designer being finished up right now). Hopefully it will be of interest to you guys – the website for the pre-launch of the book is:


I’d love to know what you think – even though its not even out yet! If you have any questions or thoughts at all, or things you’d like to see covered in it, I’d love to chat to you in the comments.



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Emmett Cooke is an Irish composer for film, tv and video games. His music has been used around the world by high profile companies including Sony Playstation, Ralph Lauren, ABC, CBS, NBC, Lockheed Martin and many more.

  • Jon

    Perfect timing! I’m just looking into this sort off stuff now. I’ve registered.

    It’s great that you’re taking the time to share your experience and offer advice and much appreciated.

    • EmmettCooke

      Hey Jon,

      Thanks for purchasing – appreciate it!

  • Roberto

    I think it’s a great topic! Everyone who wants to make a living from music should be interested in it.

    I hope that the informations will be universal, regardless of the country etc. (or at least for global eCommerce).

    I look forward to read it. I’ll share the link!

    • EmmettCooke

      Thanks Roberto – its available now. Hope you enjoy it! :)

  • Jon

    Bought and downloaded onto my iPad for some holiday reading :)

    • EmmettCooke

      Thanks Jon, please let me know what you think when you’re finished! :)

      • Jon

        Brilliant read and very useful indeed. In depth, logical and honest (I’m not affiliated by the way). Well worth buying.

        • EmmettCooke

          Awesome thanks Jon, glad you found it useful :)

  • Konrad

    Bought and I don’t regret. Very useful infos for every composer! Definitely worth buying!

    • EmmettCooke

      Thanks for purchasing Konrad, and glad you enjoyed it!

  • Jamie Niebergall

    Thank you for a GREAT resource, Emmett! Well written, full of helpful information, and nice design for an eBook.

    • EmmettCooke

      Thanks Jamie – glad you like it!

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